For you Mr. Rooney

Early in the life of this blogging endeavor, I promised myself never to BWA (blog while angry).  The current events as of late have left me in a state of mind that is not conducive to keeping that promise…hence, my absence.  So I decided to step outside my own head and write this post while pretending to be someone else…the late Andy Rooney.

rooneyYou know what I don’t understand?  Why do we as a nation spend so much on elections when the people we elect don’t do anything?  Would you spend money on a taxi cab that stayed parked in the very spot that you got in?  Would you purchase a new washing machine that looked fancy on the outside, but had no inner washy components to actually clean your clothes?  I certainly wouldn’t think so.   So why do we continually spend so much money on public servants that may “look good” but accomplish nothing.  Aren’t we supposed to be a nation of savvy consumers…or of smart business people that hire only the best and most qualified? 

Now I know, most of you may be thinking that it is the big money contributors to election coffers that control who gets the job—but are we (the less wealthy masses) not the majority of the votes being cast?  I suggest that we boycott the two party system.  Afterall, wouldn’t we boycott GM if they started selling cars with no engine?


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